Gemweb is the result of more than 25 years of research and technological development in accounting and energy efficiency software, which automatically digitizes all information (regulatory, energy, water, environmental, etc.) available in the networks to build a database with updated, real, complete and reliable information.

During this time gemweb has been adapting to changes in the energy sector and to the needs of users to offer advanced solutions and better adapted tools.

Gemweb allows you to manage, analyze, predict, study and validate all the details in a cost-effective way to rationalize consumption [kWh], optimize costs [€] and reduce emissions [CO2].

Research, innovation and development

Our history, our future


The Gemweb community

Gemweb has become a reflection of the experience and knowledge of users, professionals and colleagues who have anonymously participated in its development for more than 25 years.

Thus, we currently have a complex tool and its large structured database, to offer the best analysis and solutions in each particular case. 

Gemweb has structured the training and communication of its entire community in energy accounting and efficiency for national markets and has positioned itself as an essential basis for managing energy and water needs, that is, as the first step in building energy saving and efficiency projects, which are as necessary as they are urgent.

Our Mission

We want to promote greater rationalization of energy needs and water consumption.

by using more technology in the acquisition, management and use of energy data, already available without the need for investment, as complete and reliable as possible, in order to optimize resources, increase local renewable electricity generation, save costs and reduce demand requirements and GEH's footprint, improving comfort and quality in working conditions.

Our vision

We provide everyone with easy and cost-effective access to the management and analysis of all their energy data [€, kWh and CO2]. 

To be an inspirationfor everyone who knows us, in raising awareness of the social and environmental needs of our society, based on an open and collaborative software platform, sharing experience and knowledge and promoting communication in the sector of an entire community.

To be the support and documentary support to initiate any energy efficiency and sustainability project and thus be able to promote the most appropriate decisions and conclusions and monitor the impact of the actions carried out.

To participate in the promotion of the most advancedtechnologies available, in areas such as BigData, AI, Machine Learning, digitization and automation available, in aspects such as BigData, AI, Machine Learning, digitalization and automation, which facilitate the acquisition, study, exploitation and visualization of energy information.

Our values

The DNA of every gemworker is based on sharing, respecting, promoting and fostering, internally and externally, a healthy working environment with enthusiasm for their project.

Promote positive relationships in work teams with generosity, resilience, dedication, commitment, motivation, empathy, responsibility, communication, cooperation with generosity, resilience, dedication, commitment, motivation, empathy, responsibility, communication, cooperation, recognition and participation.

Respect equality, privacy and work-life balance.

Promote health (mens sana in corpore sano), physical activity, continuous and quality training, respect for our environment (saving resources, responsible consumption, emission neutrality, renewable local self-consumption, respect for the environment, recycling, sustainability, circular economy and reuse) and the development of free software. the development of free software.

Share knowledge and information in a community of users anonymously.

At Gemweb we are committed to efficient consumption management to achieve savings and a more sustainable environment.

Want to be a gemworker?

At Gemweb we want to keep evolving and growing, if you think you could fit in our team and you can help us achieve our goals, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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