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Manage and optimize your energy consumption thanks to our management and savings software.

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Take energy accounting to the next level with our comprehensive management system. Automated data collection, AI invoice validation, integration with your accounting software, etc.

Control all your supplies in an agile way. Hierarchical structure based on entities (NIFs), their consumption centers, with the respective supplies and invoices, an energetic CRM/GMAO to add any action or technical and accounting information about your supplies.

Control panel for your analysis and reports. Take your analytical capabilities to another level. Save time and resources by centralizing all information in one application, sharing it anonymously, analyzing it massively and in detail.

Historical control of the energy contracts of each of your supplies. Receive alarms from the markets to discover possible opportunities for improvement.

Create and send invoices calculated in advance, adapted to your contracts and demand curves specific to each supply. Forecast your expenses and consumptions in advance, anticipating the invoices of your suppliers and distributors.

Gemweb , the first step to the

Energy management


Thanks to Gemweb's customizable control panel you can have a complete visualization of all your consumption data and costs of your supplies. Count on our database and the agile alert system to know your real energy situation updated.


With Gemweb you can manage, in a uniform way and with total traceability, a multitude of energy supplies (electricity, gas, LPG, solid and liquid fuels) and water, regardless of the marketers and distributors or possible changes between them. Everything standardized, ordered and codified to improve the efficiency of your work, without losing historical data.


Save with Gemweb thanks to the recording of invoice data and telemetered demand curves and the analysis of energy markets to make the best decisions in the management of your supplies.

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We accompany you to overcome the difficulties of energy management by providing real, reliable and complete information, and we help you to rationalize the management of your resources, i.e. to achieve greater economic savings, optimization of demand and renewable generation and, consequently, a reduction in polluting emissions. 

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Multipoint client


Savings in internal reporting


Savings with unwanted consumption alarms

Success stories

Public Administration


Savings due to invoice errors


Improvement in energy prices

Success stories


We automatically link account charges to energy bills received.

Reduction of the base amount/consumption (€/kWh) by optimizing contracts.

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We show you the most advanced solution to optimize and rationalize your energy and water management.

Gemweb has the most complete and reliable analysis tools and automated repository of energy and water information, to facilitate massive, updated and detailed data management, reducing time in repetitive tasks and minimizing the costs of demand and generation of each supply.



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