Energy service companies (ESCOs)

Optimization and control of energy consumption for maintenance companies and ESCOs.

Optimize your projects, reducing operating and management costs. Make Gemweb your essential partner for billing and energy consumption management.


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Our management tools

Optimization of supply management processes

The necessary control for the energy management of your projects.

At Gemweb we provide you with efficient tools to manage and monitor your energy consumption from a comprehensive platform, where you will be able to relate your energy charges to your energy bills.

Detailed analysis and monitoring of consumption and costs

You will have an inventory of all supplies, to track energy budgets and be able to reduce costs in different projects.

You will also be able to analyze the energy saving measures implemented and verify the expected reduction in consumption and costs.

Integral monitoring of public lighting consumption

We develop theoretical profiles and alarm systems for exhaustive and proactive monitoring, ensuring optimized energy management. You will be able to configure alarms for abnormal behavior according to your needs and get real-time alerts. 

Detailed analysis of energy consumption and expenditure: Our system provides key indicators such as average consumption, the expenditure of each light point and the ratio between contracted and installed power, allowing a clear view of the performance of public lighting.

Validation and control of energy invoices

Gemweb offers you solutions to track billing month by month and check for inconsistencies automatically. You will be able to check if the consumption matches the telemetered load curve, check the energy prices and compare them with the contractual ones.

Create monthly consumption and expense reports

Generate monthly reports with the data and statistics that are really relevant for your energy management and thus be able to have a uniform and simple visualization that allows you to take the control of your supplies to a higher level of management.

Creates budget forecasts for energy items

Our software allows you to project your energy costs with high accuracy, adapting to market and regulatory changes, resulting in significant optimization of your long-term contracts and improved profitability.

Full technology integration and compatibility

Our software is fully compatible with ERP tools, providing a complete integration, improving the interconnection of information.

 All the information in a single tool.

Achieve efficient energy management with Gemweb

Comprehensive street lighting inventory management: We implemented a detailed inventory management, including switchboards, lines and light points, ensuring an efficient and effective management of street lighting.

Advanced geolocation of light points: We use GIS technology to precisely locate each light point, facilitating its management and maintenance.

Make Gemweb your partner for supply management control and optimization

Our integral software has the most complete and reliable repository that will facilitate the massive management of information, the optimization of execution times and the mummification of expenses.



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