Energy management services

At Gemweb we have services tailored to the needs of different areas of energy management. Our supply management solutions are designed to increase efficiency and generate value for energy managers and institutions that want to optimize their supply management.

Services for

Energy managers

At Gemweb we work to give your company a competitive advantage when it comes to energy management. Our software is designed to manage a multitude of supplies in an agile and orderly manner.

Access all your energy data for analysis, reports and forecasts of consumption and costs. Discover the tool that will optimize your time and processes.

Invoice analysis with AI

Energy supply bill forecasts

Integration with tools

Services for the

Public Administration

Discover our energy management services for municipalities, councils and public entities.

Our management software specialized in municipal supplies, will give you the necessary tools to achieve guaranteed savings. Through personalized advice and experience in more than 500 more than 500 city councils all over Spainwe will become an essential support in your day to day.

Invoice management and validation

Support in the drafting of energy supply specifications.

Energy consulting

Services for

Energy services companies

At Gemweb we are your strategic ally to optimize and efficiently control the costs derived from the management of dependencies or public lighting.

Our specialization in municipal management allows energy service companies to have an exhaustive control of numerous supplies, guaranteeing an effective and profitable energy management.

Public lighting cost and consumption management

Full compatibility with ERP tools

Data analysis and forecasting



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