Energy management with Gemweb

Discover how our tool can help you manage a multitude of supplies.

 Optimize your energy and organizational resources in a real way with our software.



Optimize your energy management

We are pioneers in innovation and energy data management.

With Gemweb we transform your real energy data into practical and valuable information, eliminating costs of dedication and investment in measurement equipment.

With Gemweb, energy information is acquired in a direct and automated way, updated, complete, reliable and organized so that it can be analyzed and represented in a standard and unified way and customized reports can be generated.

In addition, with gemweb any user can get better calculations by sharing the anonymous knowledge of all the large database of our community, consisting of invoices, contracts, remote measurements, data from energy markets and information on environmental variables.


We use AI to validate your energy bills

Automatically and massively detects inconsistencies and errors in your invoices.

We use artificial intelligence technologies to validate and automatically detect inconsistencies or errors in your energy bills, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the process of managing and controlling incidents in your supplies.

Gemweb adapts to change

Our team of experts is constantly working on the continuous improvement of our software. We adapt to legislative and market changes. Get with Gemweb a tool that is always updated and in continuous growth.

Discover how Gemweb can revolutionize your energy management.

Personalized dashboard

We give you clear and direct access to information in a single interface. We offer you a fully customized portal where you can see the most relevant aspects and metrics of your supplies.

Improve your decision making for each energy project...

Multi-point, hierarchical energy management tool

We manage your multiple supplies in an orderly manner.

Our multi-point management tool facilitates the orderly and hierarchical administration of a multitude of supplies, with specific reports and analysis according to your needs.

Invoice simulation

We provide the previous calculation of monthly energy bills in order to compare them with those of the supplier and make a cash flow forecast. You will have a graphic support to analyze the evolution of consumption and supply costs.

Market visualization

Gemweb is connected to the different energy markets so you will have in the same tool all the main indicators that affect your energy and contractual situation, being able to manage in a particular way for each supply, possible future points of interest in all types of contracts.

Bring a differential value to your customers

Offer your customers visualization and transparency of their energy data, with access to the platform.

Create specific profiles according to the role or functions of your employees or customers.

Try the most advanced solution to optimize your energy management

Gemweb has the most complete and reliable repository, facilitating the massive management of information, reducing time in repetitive tasks. Minimizes supply costs



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