Public lighting:
remote management and energy efficiency

In order to manage street lighting in an efficient and structured way, gemweb offers a new service that allows you to work with all the installations and electrical panels of the public lighting network.

This allows you to know your network, optimise it, identify malfunctions, reduce costs that are associated with public lighting and comply with current regulations.


In a clear, transparent and independent way, the module’s features include:

  • exhaustive management of control, line and light point inventories.
  • Geolocationof light points.
  • Luminaire database.
  • Export listings of light points to spreadsheet.
  • Filter light points on list and MIS (map).
  • Indicator analysis.
  • Control datasheet.

The module comes with calculations of the following energy indicators:

  • Contracted power or total installed power.
  • Hours of operation, annual consumption / total installed power.
  • average consumption of each light point.
  • average expenditure per light point.

Management of panels

Total or partial knowledge in real time and handling of:

the technicians will be able to manage the panels that have a disproportionate consumption, those that use old or out-of-regulation lamp technologies.

You’ll also find out if there are other devices that are not public lighting connected to panels and to which ones, and if any of them have contracted voltages that are different to the one they need.

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