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We know that a more sustainable energy model can be achieved through good management and that’s why we provide our platform and services to the community: so they can pay less for the same thing, have affordable resources and so we are able to present the viability of sustainability and energy efficiency projects that were previously unapproachable.

Gemweb Taldea

We automatically acquire all available energy information, safely, quickly, comprehensively, reliably and at minimum cost, to organise it, unify its visualisation, maintain its traceability, analyse and manage it in a single document repository, with energy and water data

We provide our platform and services that facilitate the anonymous sharing of all this information within the user community:

“Better results are obtained when knowledge is shared and more full and reliable information is available.”

gemweb is the most advanced solution with the most complete and reliable repository, which facilitates information mass management, the reduction of time spent on repetitive tasks and the minimisation of demand costs, maintaining productive, working environment and comfort conditions during activities. We thus contribute to the global energy transition, helping to create a more sustainable, rational and accessible model.

Gemweb Taldea


We believe in the social innovation and open development models we are offered, because users know best what they need and how they want to use it, and we are convinced that sharing knowledge increases the value of information.

Today, gemweb is a technological solution that has evolved through its users, on third-party solutions, because this has been the most efficient way to add value to our community.

How will the tools for efficiency management and energy accounting evolve?

Come join our community to take part in the answer!

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