energy reports

All the data entered in the gemweb platform are used to have a good inventory of your energy facilities and devices or to control and manage billing, contracts and prices. They are also stored to offer information that helps expert professionals produce reports, audits, certifications, studies and energy activities.


As a first step, gemweb helps you collect your energy data and as a second step, make the most of them with your personalised quarterly reports, which may include:

  • Billing validation,
  • Data completeness,
  • Prices and contract studies,
  • Power analysis,
  • Reactive costs,
  • Evolution of consumption,
  • Evolution of monthly costs,
  • List of points supplied,

Energy auditing and official certifications

And with all this data, you can add energy efficiency and sustainability consulting value with... audits of your facilities to obtain adequate knowledge of the existing energy consumption profile of a building or group of buildings, of an industrial or commercial installation or operation, or of a private or public service. You can also determine and quantify energy saving possibilities at efficient costs and inform about it.

... the necessary procedures to obtain some of the energy efficiency certifications.

... planning comprehensive energy efficiency and sustainability strategies with concrete actions, being aware of their impact and return on investment.

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