We integrate
energy management services from different suppliers

Being part of gemweb’s energy accounting tool’s group of users means sharing experiences, knowledge, solutions and energy services in a community that’s coordinated by our team.

Energy consultants

As a documentary base for efficiency management projects, the gemweb platform offers energy billing information management, including a multitude of tools such as reports, indicators, graphs and data visualisations, which support decision making for the subsequent actions of consultants who are responsible for consumption and energy costs.

Integrated engineering solutions for the sensorisation and automation of energy infrastructures

The gemweb platform can adapt its structure and operation to cover energy accounting needs and incorporate data from different platforms or programmes for data collection and control of automation, sensorisation, home automation or other energy infrastructure management systems.

Remote reading equipment manufacturers and installers

gemweb’s specific modules are adapted to the characteristics of any manufacturer and installer of remote reading solutions, to incorporate the data and meter and submeter readings and gather environmental variables with analysers, sensors and actuators.

Maintenance engineering or energy efficiency services

The energy management accounting services the gemweb team offers to the engineering companies that provide added value with facility maintenance and energy efficiency studies and proposals include bespoke energy accounting reports and are integrated with internal computer systems (management, control, etc.), in addition to all of gemweb’s services, modules and products.

Final ICT solution providers

Thanks to our philosophy, gemweb’s entire structure can be adapted to be the engine of our customers’ own tools. In this way, gemweb offers a “brandless” product so that each developer can adapt it to their environment and corporate image.

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