About us

Our team is formed by programmers, engineers, economists, architects, technologists, administrative staff and experts in energy efficiency who provide ENERGY ACCOUNTING solutions that allow us to progress towards an energy model that everyone can afford and that’s more sustainable and rational in consumption and energy costs.

Gemweb Team

The gemweb platform started out in the late 90s, when we developed the gemweb programme and its related services in close collaboration with the most important energy managers in the country, adapting to energy markets in constant evolution.

Gemweb offers the most comprehensive energy accounting services and tools in the market. It’s a leader in inventory management, unified data repositories, remote meter reading, analysis utilities and monitoring of energy markets.

Learn about our contribution to the new energy management models.

Energy Transition

Check the set of solutions and tools we develop for energy management experts.


Success Stories

The experts in our community have been able to spearhead sustainability and energy efficiency projects using our platform in an effective way, demanding adaptations, customisation and continuous improvements of the functionalities and services.

Discover our Success Stories

Contrasted methodology

As a result of our activity, we have extensive experience, a protocol and contrasted methodology, as well as extensive knowledge of energy accounting and the energy market.

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