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We provide energy management tools to guarantee energy sustainability and efficiency, automatically including all available energy information, fully and reliably.

We share knowledge to optimise costs and generate the economic resources that ensure the viability of solutions to minimise the need for facilities and the activity.

Better results are obtained when knowledge is shared and more full and reliable information is available.

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Energy Transition

We participate in designing new energy models. They contribute to defining global needs, the necessary infrastructures and alternative energy sources.

Efficiency and Intelligence

We determine strategies and rational decisions in energy efficiency based on real and objective information, according to our experience with success stories.

Empowerment of users

Take control of your energy needs with a single platform that’s reliable in the calculation and efficient in its operation, collecting information automatically and representing it in a standard, comparable and normalisable way.

Renewable energies

We provide the potential for energy, economic and environmental savings that are the result of implementing renewable energies and the viable investment conditions based on the real energy needs of each facility.

Energy Saving

Adjust costs

We provide our solutions to pay less for the same thing, to have affordable resources and to be able to present the viability of sustainability and energy efficiency projects that were previously unapproachable.

Optimise consumption

By maintaining the productive, working environment and comfort conditions during activities, you’ll be able to optimise energy facilities to increase their efficiency, correct malfunctions and avoid wasteful energy consumption.

Reduce emissions

The direct consequence of energy adjustment and optimisation is a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases caused by energy consumption, which we can measure, control and reduce periodically.

Solutions and Tools

Energy management software

Comprehensive and advanced solution with the most complete and reliable repository, which facilitates information mass management, the reduction of time spent on repetitive tasks and the minimisation of energy demand costs, maintaining productive, working environment and comfort conditions during activities.

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Modules and Services

Set of services and tools for energy accounting, inventory management, unified data repository, meter reading, analysis utilities and monitoring of energy markets.

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Bespoke projects

We have a solid track record in personalising our energy accounting projects for different types of entities, organisations and companies that are both directly responsible and intermediate advisers.

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Success Stories

Retail moda

Commercial network

235 shops in 11 European countries
17% of energy savings in 1 year

Cadena hotelera

Hotel chain

32% of energy savings
Reduction of CO2 emissions

Ajuntament de Reus

Town Council

13% of energy savings.
Tool for the fight against the energetic poverty of more than 200 families.

Multinacional Espanyola

Spanish multinational

15% of energy savings in 3 years
Reduction of CO2 emissions

Telecos retail

Retail outlet network

47% of annual average energy savings in 10 years.
70% reduction of CO2 emissions

Consell comarcal Ripollès

County council

15% of energy savings.
Several activities on sustainable awareness and the efficient management of resources.

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